In 2020 when the pandemic hit and my paid work became singularly focused on remote teaching, I converted a van to sleep and teach in as I drove across the country to work on a regenerative farm. Along the way, I got inspired to create the series of “Mini Show Portals” below…

“Notturno in G minor” by Fanny Mendelssohn excerpt; Joshua Tree, CA
“White Christmas” by Irving Berlin excerpt; Pacifica, CA
“MalagueƱa” by Ernesto Lecuona excerpt; Trinidad, CA
“Orphan Girl” by Gillian Welch personalized cover; San Bruno, CA
“Maple Leaf Rag” by Scott Joplin excerpt; Tahoe National Forest, CA
“Big Rock Candy Mountain” by Harry McClintock excerpt; CO Springs, CO
“Deux Arabesques” by Claude Debussy excerpt; Niagra Falls, NY
“Morning Has Broken” by Cat Stevens; Putney, VT
Click here for “Unicorn’s Day Out;” Mt. Rose, NV
“Unicorn’s Night In” featuring Bonnie Duncan and Bunny; Boston, MA