Click here to watch Ludvig the Olympic Skater on “The Gong Show,” 2017
Click here for excerpt from “Free As My Hair” live performance, 2019

“Seeds of Peace,” created with recycled materials for UNIMA Korea’s 2022 “World Peace” film competition. Winner of the Puppet Festival Chuncheon Prize.

Sample of robin puppets I built and puppeteered for the “Hello, Humans!” children’s TV show pilot episode, 2022
“Happy Halloween from Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood of Make Believe,” 2018
Segment of puppeteering on J Hann’s piece “Bequeathed,” performed at the O’Neill National Puppetry Conference 2022
Puppet Reel, 2017
“The Mane Thing” solo rehearsal, 2021
“Awaiting A Parlour Guest” created with Bonnie Duncan, featuring her 10 yr. old daughter’s marionette debut as the guest, 2021
“These Arms of Mine,” created with Sarah Goone, 2019
“Melvin Goes To The Ocean” (Short Film: 5:11), 2015