“Texting in the Time of Corona,” 2020

“Somebody to Love” – original cover of Queen, 2020


“An Alien and a Fugitive,” created with Kara Morgan (Short Film – 34:47), 2011

“Melvin Goes To the Ocean,” (Short Film – 5:12), music by Jon Steinmeier, 2012

“Popcorn Raiders of the Midwest,” created with Kara Morgan (Short Film – 13:16), 2011

“Frida: The Return,” created for 48 Hr Film Project (Short Film -5:37), 2009

“The Glorious Act That We Do” was a live comedic variety show I co-produced with Kara Morgan and created with Jon Steinmeier, Tim Morgan and Amy Day in Los Angeles 2012-2014. Below are a few videos we created together:

Parkour Spoof Promo Video 

Earring Loss Commercial Spoof 

Scripted Comedy Fest Promotional Video

Office Opera Sketch

Christmas PSA with Kara Morgan

Live comedy act with Kara Morgan